Our precious female and our busy boy. We only breed occasionally as a small in home hobby. They are not for sale, they are part of our family.
Both Emery and Merlot carry a wide variety of colors in their pedigree's. Because they both have the liver pigmentation all puppies will be liver ranging from white to dark chocolate.


She is our perfect definition of Shih Tzu personality; outgoing, affectionate, playful and charming. She is sassy and knows how to get exactly what she wants whether it is your undivided attention or treats! She will charm you and make you laugh everyday. She is the princess and the boss of our home!

He is the lover boy! He is the one that passes on the sweet snuggling trait! We always say he is a light switch - he is either ON or OFF - no in between! When he is ON, he loves to play fetch, run and play with Emery and is busy busy busy! When he is OFF, he loves to snuggle right up in your arms or tuck up by your neck. He will lightly paw at you so you either hug him tighter or rub his belly. He is the most affectionate joker I have ever known.

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