About Us
Welcome to Big Sky Shih Tzu, your Shih Tzu Breeder in Scobey, Montana! We are proud owners of three beautiful Shih Tzu's. Or I should say WE are owned by three beautiful Shih Tzu's! If you have ever had a Shih Tzu or have even met one you know they are the boss. Either way, they are members of our family and are spoiled with love and attention.
We raise our dogs and our puppies as part of our family. They are always included in our day to day life and therefore social little butterflies! They think people stop to visit them. We are a dedicated small in home breeders that love our happy fun loving pups! They are not just a hobby for us, they are a very important part of our family and we hope you make them a part of your family too!

Liver Shih Tzu’s
We specialize in breeding liver Shih Tzu's. Liver is more than just the color of their coat. To be a true liver they must have brown nose, eye lids, lips, and paw pads. We have taken the time to carefully choose our dogs from quality breeders so that we can maintain a line of healthy happy puppies. We breed for health first and foremost, then temperament, quality and color. Puppies will be breed standard size so between 9 - 16 pounds. We don't breed "imperial" or "tea cup" just healthy quality standard. We know that our beautiful sassy funny dogs will pass on their excellent personality traits and breed conformation and health to their puppies. We love our dogs and it shows!

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